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CEO Message

CEO Message

Realizing the vision and dream of SK Gas

Realizing the vision and dream of SK Gas

Dear Customers, Shareholders and Stakeholders, Thank you for the continuous support you have shown SK Gas. - Lee Jae Hoon President of SK Gas

SK Gas is a professional LPG provider established in 1985 that has provided a stable supply of LPG for the purpose of households use, business, vehicles and industries, and has played as a leader in the nation’s energy industry while holding a preeminent position in the market share of domestic LPG supply. Aside from this success, however, SK Gas has been actively promoting new growth through enhancing its competitiveness and diversifying its LPG business.

Since domestic LPG business has been a core business of SK Gas, we have focused on enhancing its competitiveness through developing new demands, expansion of demands for vehicle, market advancement in small bulk, etc. as a ‘Total Solution Provider’, and have tried to develop the on-site oriented management being closer to the customer with more listening to the voice of customer.

An overseas LPG business has been expanding the global trading business by leveraging its globalized corporate network located at Houston, and Shanghai along with the corporate in Singapore as an outpost of overseas business. Based on this, SK Gas has tried to become a globally leading company.

Furthermore, SK Gas has stably operated with the PDH business which is to produce propylene with LPG as a raw material based on the “Shale Gas Revolution” as an opportunity. Also, we have visualized the achievement of business diversification for continuous growth through the advancement of power generation industry such as securing the power generation.

As such, SK Gas will not just satisfy with the current position as “No. 1 LPG Player in Korea,” we will also pursue to be a “Global Top Tier Eco Energy Total Solution Provider” with the continuous growth through the expansion of new & global business based on the solid stability of current LPG business.

SK gas will always continue to do our best to bring happiness to our customers.

Please give us your continuous supports in this year as well for the growth and development of SK Gas.

All staffs of SK Gas wish good health and happiness of your family in 2019.

Thank you.

  • SK GAS CO, LTD., SK Chemicals Complex, ECO Hub, 332, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    Tel. 82-2-6200-8114 Fax. 82-2-6200-8118
  • SK GAS CO, LTD., SK Chemicals Complex, ECO Hub, 332, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea  Tel. +82-2-6200-8114   Fax. +82-2-6200-8118
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