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Words of Advice

Words of Advice

This is the know-how for entrance of the newcomers of SK gas

This is the know-how for entrance of the newcomers of SK gas

Make a list of every possible question and prepare accordingly.

  • ㆍName : Hye-jin, Shon
  • ㆍEntrance : January 2009

I believe that because I had many good people around me supporting and helping me when I going through difficult moments between jobs, I was able to eventually feel the joy of getting hired.

How would you define your work (job)?

I am in charge of managing the investment company our team acquired.

Tell us what you did during your school days or employment preparation period and how this is related to your current work?

I believe that the experience I had in the school cheerleading team was a good foundation for later on. It seems that the experience of leading a team and taking things into account from the point of view of my school mates is closely related to my current job.

Do you have any useful tips for successfully gaining employment?

I believe that the opportunity that I had to get a glimpse of the corporate culture of SK and learn how to work with others at SCK C&C while I was taking some time off from university helped me to quickly adjust myself to my work and working environment later on. As I am involved in managing investment companies, studying law has been useful from time to time. However, given the fact that your job can change anytime depending on the company’s situation, it is important to have established a solid foundation or background through various social experiences so that you can handle whatever comes your way.

Can you talk about any interesting episodes in the workplace?

There was an incident when I went to Ulreung Island straight after joining the company to attend the ceremony to celebrate the launch of Sure, a bottled deep sea water product manufactured by one of our subsidiaries, named “Panablu Co., Ltd.” A reporter from the group’s broadcasting station was supposed to be there to cover the ceremony but couldn’t make it for some reason. The producer and the writer decided to change the planned script on the spot. As a result, the new employees of the SK Gas’s New Business Development Team had to introduce the subsidiary’s new product themselves. In addition, I was designated as a new reporter, which, understandably, made things difficult for other because I was quite inept. Even though it was not an easy task to complete on a hot summer day and I felt I could’ve done better, it was a very interesting experience for a person like me who enjoys something new. The valuable relationship I formed with the producer, who was the same age as me, led to me having a great opportunity later to partake in ‘Conversation with the President 2010’.

When do you feel that your work is very worthwhile?

I cannot forget the moment when I gave my first presentation on the Industry Report that I wrote by myself in front of the headquarter staff members. When the head of the headquarters gave me the mission, saying it was going to be my first task, I was thrilled by the chance to do something important and succeed, but I just didn’t know what to do, where I needed to go and to whom I should ask. But after just going out there and through trial and error , I was able to finally get the hang of what I was doing to a certain extent and then later I found myself meeting the people I needed to meet, which made me so proud of myself that I even thought, ‘I’m a genius!’. I believed that the exaggerated feeling of pride that I experienced at that time would be difficult to repeat, but I have relived that sense of accomplishment and triumph every time I am able to solve problems with my own initiative.

How did you prepare for the job and how did you try to ensure that the job interview was successful?

You should be well aware of what you’ve written in your letter of self-introduction and be able to answer confidently any questions regarding its contents. I mentioned that I had won a prize in a poetry reading competition back in college in my self-introduction letter, but I never thought I would be requested to give a poetry reading in the interview, so I didn’t prepare for it enough. However, one of the interviewers asked me if I could do it. Fortunately, I managed to remember one poem called “To Narcissus” as I could recite it with no special preparation. What if I just told him I had forgotten everything at that time? Even though it wouldn’t have had a direct effect on my employment chances, I was able to create a favorable impression by being able to recite the poem. So, don’t expect to be lucky in terms of the questions you will be asked. Prepare thoroughly and be ready to answer any question.

What advice would you give to those who want to become part of the SK family?

Focus on the vision and value the company pursues rather than the image and public perception of the company when deciding whether you want to become one of the SK People or not.

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