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Words of Advice

Words of Advice

This is the know-how for entrance of the newcomers of SK gas

This is the know-how for entrance of the newcomers of SK gas

Be positive and display your sense of humor and bright smile.

  • ㆍName : Eun-jeong Cho
  • ㆍEntrance : January 2009

Rather than compare yourself with others, be confident about the talents you have and highlight these. With regard to your weak points ,show your enthusiasm and willingness to make up your weakness.

How would you define your work (job)?

Work is ‘one of the ways to make your dreams come true’. You may have a variety of dreams, from building a happy family life to developing yourself, and you can realize these by the same means; working for a company. Of course, a company is an organization where people share a single vision and goal and work towards them. However, it also supports the dream and future that an individual worker pictures in his/her mind. With the support and encouragement of the company and one’s colleagues, you can implement your plan step by step and feel a sense of triumph, which also contributes to the development of the company. That is, both individual and a company can be Alpharising.

Tell us what you did during your school days or employment preparation period and how this is related to your current work?

The summer internship for SK Gas in 2008 helped me a lot in terms of making my life in the company more satisfying. Even though it was a short program, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to take a first look at and feel what the real world of work would be like at the company I wished to join. Having good relations with the people I work together with is as important as the work itself in terms of supporting the company. The experience as an intern staff gave me the strongest motivation to apply for a job at the company as well as helping me adjust to being a new member later.

Do you have any useful tips for successfully gaining employment?

The most frustrating experience I had when I was between jobs was to find myself constantly comparing myself with other friends who were luckier than me in getting a job. However, comparing yourself with others and blaming yourself for your current state only makes things worse in every way. If you are writing a job application at this moment, you don’t have to feel frustrated or regret for not achieving more in the past. Rather than comparing yourself with others, be confident about your own talents and highlight them. With regard to your weak points, show your enthusiasm and willingness to make up your weakness.

Can you talk about any interesting episodes in the workplace?

There was a funny incident that happened during the Winter Olympics. I was in the middle of watching the short-track women’s final match right before lunch with my team mates. The gold medal went to the Chinese players because the Korean players were disqualified even though they crossed the finishing line first. The funny thing was that one of the Chinese players had the same name as our Chinese colleague in our team. When we met with the colleague at a company cafeteria, we made joke about it and had a laugh. It was a unique and interesting episode which I enjoy because I work with foreign workers together in this global era.

When do you feel that your work is very worthwhile?

When I first started my career, it seemed that all the tasks and duties at work were so complicated and difficult. However, as I’ve been learning and practicing and keeping an eye on the big picture, I was able to feel a sense of reward and accomplishment. I feel most happy when I solve issues by myself and receive praise from my seniors. Feeling that I am making a personal contribution to the development of company encourages me to work harder for the organization and myself.

How did you prepare for the job and how did you try to ensure that the job interview was successful?

The applicants who progress after going through an application screening process and written paper test are likely to have a similar level of competence and ability. Therefore, whether or not you can get hired largely depends on how much you can impress the interviewers and what you can show them during a short period of time. Giving humorous and witty answers rather than stereotyped ones is a good way to get them to remember you. You should be able to predict questions and prepare your answers. In addition, it is essential for you to smile brightly until the very end even if you make a mistake during the interview, because you need to be remembered as a person that other people will want to work with all day long.

What advice would you give to those who want to become part of the SK family?

If you dream to be SK People, you will certainly know the charm of SK. Go for it with your hot passion!

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